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SAMS recently received this wonderful photograph from Bob Gaskin (president of Samoyed Association Of Canada and member of the Samoyed Club Of America). Bob wrote:

Attached is photo of sammy sled team from Mountain Iron, MN which is north of Duluth. On Feb 20, 1990 this was mailed to me by a Henry Shonse, who stated in his letter that he was in his senior year at Mountain Iron High School when photo was taken. He trained the sled team. Would be in 1940 or ’41. At the time he was living in Goose Bay, NL, Canada and had come to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for a visit and dropped in to see our dog show. Over the years I was unable to contact him and in the 22 years that have past am not sure if he is even still living.

Perhaps some one in your Regional Club may know of this team if you could post it on your Club’s website. It may be of historical interest to your club. I am on my last year of a two year term as President of the Samoyed Association of Canada and also a member of the Samoyed Club of America.

Hoping to hear from you.

Bob Gaskin

If anyone has any information on this musher or his team, please send it to the SAMS webmaster.

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